This website is designed to reach youth and their parents, teachers, and concerned citizens who want to stop the flow of our youth into the criminal justice system.  It’s not enough to continue to talk about what is happening.  We must take action to cause a change.  What are you willing to do to make a change.  We have all stated how pitiful and heartbreaking it is to watch our kids slide into that downward spiral of the prison system.  But how many of us have taken steps to do something about it?  Have you attended a seminar, workshop, or any type meeting addressing this problem?  Have you contributed money or time to help those who are out there trying to make a difference? Have you purchased one of the powerful crime-prevention books to share with a young person that you want to help keep on the right path?  Get your copy at www.kingdompublications.net.

If not, we are asking you to take a stand today.  Become a volunteer, contribute money, buy a book, or schedule a seminar for young people in your school, church or organization.  Keeping kids out of prison is everybody’s business.