WOMEN’S SUMMIT – Resurrected Life Church – August 13, 2016

Women's Summit
Women’s Summit – August 13, 2016

Attorney Clara King will be one of the panel members for the Women’s Summit on August 13, 2016 at Resurrected Life Church, 599 Hempstead Street, Scottdale, GA 30079 from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m.   Her topic will be keeping kids out of prison.

King, along with fellow members of Watchdogs for Justice, have written four crime-prevention books that show clearly how bad choices made by youth, their lack of respect for authority, allowing someone else to think for them, and going along to get along pulls them into a downward spiral and into the prison system.  She reminds us that we must take steps to stop the flow of our youth into the prison system.

Join us for this powerful event, invite young ladies, parents, and community leaders to attend. Let’s teach our youth how to make good choices and the importance of respecting authority.  Keeping kids out of prison is everybody’s business.

Register for this event at: resurrectedlifechurchllc.org.  Click on Church Services, scroll down, and click on Event Brite Tickets.

To ask questions about keeping kids out of prison, make a comment,  or acquire additional information visit: askwfj.wordpress.com,

or call 678-412-2299.

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