UPCOMING EVENT – Keeping Kids out of Prison at the Wesley Chapel-William C. Brown Library – April 22, 2017


Watchdogs for Justice (WFJ), a nonprofit organization established for the specific purpose of “Keeping Kids out of Prison,” will conduct a free seminar on Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 2 to 4 p.m. The Seminar will be held at the Wesley Chapel-William C. Brown Library, 2861 Wesley Chapel Road, Decatur, GA.

WFJ is a group of attorneys and a juvenile advocates who joined forces to

educate our youth, their parents, and concerned citizens about the pitfalls that lure our young people into behavior that can land them in prison for years.

The seminar will consist of interactive skits and are based on actual court cases. Most of the youngsters can relate to the stories based on their own personal experience or that of a friend or relative.

WFJ also makes use of the stories in their crime-prevention books which show clearly how one wrong decision can have lifetime tragic consequences.

Join us on April 22, 2017 for a powerful “Keeping Kids out of Prison Workshop” to learn:

  • What your constitutional rights are and how to exercise them
  • Tips on how to avoid getting caught up in the criminal justice system
  • What to do if stopped by the police
  • When to talk and when to keep silent
  • The penalty for Georgia’s seven deadly sin
  • What “3 strikes and you are out” means





P.O. Box 360164

Decatur, GA 30036


Email:  www.watchdogsforjustice.org

Blog: askwfj.worpresss.com

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