The watchdogs for Justice Team has written 4 crime-prevention books.  These books show clearly how one wrong decision can have lifetime tragic consequences.  The books provide information about the inner workings of criminal justice system and provide youth, and their parents, with tips on how to avoid the pitfalls that pull our young people into the downward spiral into the prison system.

We have received numerous letters from young people whose lives were changed when they read the books.  Buy a book for a young person that you want to keep out of the prison system.


This Is not Cool, Volume I, Legal Lessons for Youth and Their Parents                                        $10.00 



This is Not Cool, Volume I is our first book.  It was published in 2006 and made the Essence Best Seller’s List in 2007.    This is one of the best tools a parent can add to their resources to help “prison proof” their children.  The system is building bigger and better prisons, but our young people don’t have to choose to enter the system.  There is a moral lesson at the end of each story that provides information regarding the discussion parents need to have with their children before they leave home.




This Is not Cool, Volume II, Legal Lessons for Youth and Their Parents                                      $12.00


This is Not Cool is a series of short stories written by criminal defense attorneys, and a private investigator, who are tired of seeing young lives wasted through ignorance.  Knowledge is power.  These books provide information for young people and their parents that can stop the downward spiral of our youth into the prison system.  The stories are short, powerful, and demonstrate how urgent the need is to educate our youth about the consequences of their actions.  None of the young people in the stories realized the very serious consequences of their actions until it was too late.  It’s time for the whole community to take a stand against the pipeline to prison.  The ball is in our court, don’t drop it.  Keeping kids out of prison is everybody’s business.



Thirty-Five Years On Death Row, The Roger Collins Story                                                    $12.00 

                                                                                                                                                                        35 years

This is a true story about a man who was on death row for thirty-eight years.  He made contact with WFJ in July of 2011 asking if he could join our organization because he wanted to help keep kids out of prison.  We discovered that his case had fallen through the crack and a court order had not been honored.  We brought it to the attention of the court, and he was finally taken off death row in 2015 and given a life sentence with the possibility of parole.  Roger has been incarcerated since he was 18 years old.

The purpose of this book is to help young people make choices that will keep them out of jails and prisons. It will also help parents take steps that will help them avoid the heartache and sorrow that they suffer when their child is sentenced to prison for many years, for life, or to death row. The information is straightforward and easy to understand. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS ON DEATH ROW: THE ROGER COLLINS STORY shows clearly how one bad choice led to tragic consequences for Roger.

This book provides young people and their parents with guidelines and options that will teach young people, that there are consequences for their actions. One bad choice can change a life forever.


Keeping Youth Out Of Prison: A Legal Guide For Teens & Their Parents in Plain English         $12.00

Keeping Youth cover

Keeping Youth Out of Prison provides insight for young people and their parents on how to prevent our youth from entering the criminal justice system and how to interact with the police.     This book identifies the four primary that reason youth end up in the system:

  1.     Making bad choices
  2.     Lack of respect for authority
  3.     Allowing someone else to think for them
  4.     Going along to get along

Knowledge is power.  Our youth have the power to choose.  It’s up to the village to teach them how to avoid the system.

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